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Recent decades have witnessed an explosion of new scientific knowledge and the appearance of a number of popular science journals bringing these developments to a broad audience. But despite the fact that many of these discoveries shape our all-important understanding of human spirituality, there was no publication telling this important story. Science & Spirit meets this need. Published bimonthly, this full-color glossy magazine as its subtitle suggests “explores things that matter.”

Science & Spirit was launched in 1989 as a modest newsletter and has evolved steadily since, undergoing format and editorial changes. It was repositioned in 2001 for a general readership. In 2003 the publishing arm of the Helen Dwight Reid Educational Foundation, Heldref Publications, bought the magazine, with the Foundation continuing to provide the editorial leadership. Science & Spirit reaches out to the broadest possible audience through newsstands and other media outlets.

Legendary magazine entrepreneur T. George Harris, who founded Psychology Today and was recognized as the Magazine Professional of the Year Award for 2000 by the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communications, is one of the editorial advisors for Science & Spirit. He is impressed with how the magazine covers that difficult middle ground between science and religion, “beyond the smug fundamentalism of the materialist or the religious blinders of the literalist.” The magazine, says Harris “rejoices in new scientific discoveries or theories just beyond the reach of hopeful researchers, always aware of the cosmic order.”

Science & Spirit’s website is All of the text from the print version of the magazine appears there, supplemented by web exclusives and reader commentary.

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