In its support for the Human Sciences, the Foundation works to bring world-class research to bear on a range of questions concerning the moral and spiritual dimension of human life. Sir John Templeton frequently wrote about “agape love,” for instance, as a subject that deserved empirical study. Such extraordinary altruism is a recognized phenomenon, after all, but it has seldom been subject to scientific analysis. Ongoing research projects supported by the Foundation engage anthropologists, psychologists, economists, educational researchers, and other scholars on subjects like altruism, creativity, gratitude, generosity, and purpose. This work includes groundbreaking studies of the spiritual development of the young, from childhood to adolescence and into the college years, as well as research into the important concept of “spiritual capital.” The Foundation also awards the Purpose Prize, which recognizes dedicated individuals in their “retirement years” who have conspicuously succeeded in translating their philanthropic passion into projects of far-reaching benefit to the community. For more information about grants in Free Enterprise, please visit