“Time is everywhere. It’s at the core of a lot of cutting-edge issues in physics.”—Anthony Aguirre

Physical &Mathematical Science

Fascinating and profound questions continue to occupy specialists in the foundations of mathematics and physics. Just over a hundred years ago George Cantor showed us that it makes sense to speak of almost unimaginably different sizes of infinity. Kurt Gödel proved that our knowledge of mathematics must always remain incomplete. More recently, physicists have discovered that the fundamental constants of the universe are finely-tuned in a way that makes life possible. Guided by Sir John Templeton’s unbounded curiosity and love for new insights into ultimate questions, the Foundation seeks insights into the fundamental structures of physical and mathematical reality and asks whether these structures point toward transcendent meanings. Such research engages mathematicians, physicists, philosophers, and theologians who often challenge and stretch each other in their quest for new knowledge. For more information about grants in Physical and Mathematical Sciences, please visit www.templeton.org/funding_areas.