Life Science

The Life Sciences program of the Foundation encompasses the breadth of the living world, including human existence, from the origins of life to archaeological work on prehistoric humans to state-of-the-art research in genetics and biochemistry. By focusing on philosophical and spiritual issues that are implicit in the discoveries being made in various scientific fields, the Foundation hopes to throw light on perennial questions relating to human nature, meaning, and purpose. Of special interest as a funding area has been evolutionary theory, particularly its application to questions about the origins of cooperation, morality, and religion. As Sir John Templeton wrote, “The reason why the idea of evolution is of such great importance is that it points us to the fundamental and dynamic unity or oneness of the world. Our worldview, once static, has now become entirely dynamic.” The Foundation is dedicated to supporting rigorous, interdisciplinary investigation of that “fundamental and dynamic unity.” For more information about grants in the Life Sciences, please visit www.templeton.org/funding_areas .