Wealth creation over the past century has been one of the great miracles of human development, but its benefits have not been evenly spread. Some societies have grown rich while others have stagnated in poverty. The Foundation supports an array of innovative research, teaching, and outreach on the ability of free enterprise to lift up the world’s poor. Why this focus? Because entrepreneurism has repeatedly proved its value as an engine of wealth creation, especially in economically less advanced societies. The Foundation is interested in enterprise-based programs that meet real needs in existing social circumstances. The issues are complex, and the range of possible solutions is broad. But we are convinced that we can play a key role in shifting the debate over world poverty in a more positive direction, toward ideas for sparking the dynamic creation of wealth. Traditional aid and development programs, however well-intentioned, have tended to create a cycle of dependency that postpones real development. Economic growth remains the only sure foundation
for improving the health and material well-being of the truly poor.
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