International Symposium on
Jesuits & Modern Science
International Symposium on Jesuits & Modern Science

Although the Jesuits made substantial contributions to the origin and development of modern science, and are still continuing that tradition in scientific research and education, very little is known about it. To remedy this deficiency, De Nobili College, Pune, in collaboration with Jnana-Deepa Vidyapeeth (JDV), Pune, and other Jesuit institutions of higher education organized an international symposium on “Jesuits and Modern Science: Past Heritage, Present Status and Future Prospects,” from January 1-5, 2007, at JDV Campus.
Almost 30 international and national scholars, Jesuits and non-Jesuits, including non-Christians, presented well-researched, scholarly papers at this first-of-its kind international event. Around 150 scholars from various universities, colleges and major seminaries were invited to participate in this symposium.
The objectives of the symposium included acknowledging science as God’s gift to humanity, dispelling the notion of antagonism between the Church and modern science, and making better known the great Jesuit scientific heritage. It also expressed encouragement and appreciation of those engaged in scientific research and education, as well as exploring the spiritual foundation of Jesuit science, and promoting creative and constructive science-religion dialogue.
A vision statement was formulated at the end of the symposium to be forwarded to the Jesuit superiors, asking them to encourage more young Jesuits to carry on the great scientific tradition. It was also resolved to publish the scholarly papers delivered at the symposium in 2008. “Jesuits & Modern Science” is confident that this international symposium and the many activities associated with it will serve as a catalyst to encourage those already engaged in the scientific mission, and to motivate others to take up the same, especially Jesuits.