University/College Project for
Science-Religion (UPSR)
University/College Project for Science-Religion (UPSR)

UPSR is a project of IISR (Indian Institute of Science and Religion), Pune, India. This program is an attempt to build upon the achievements of IISR by capitalizing on the wide experience gained. It aims at deepening and broadening the scope and domain of science-religion dialogue, thus pursuing a key Templeton objective, taking it directly to the university/college centers of India by organizing a variety of programs, collaborating with like-minded organizations and evolving innovative programs of its own.
UPSR is helping to set up new local centers in various parts of India so that science-religion dialogue becomes a truly national movement, and encouraging research by university/college/major seminary professors. It is also building up a core group of scholars in the field, as well as taking science-religion dialogue to the wider public, particularly to non-Christian and non-urban centers. UPSR helps scholars keep abreast of science-religion developments in the international arena by participating in international programs and interacting with international organizations.
slugThe program is also organizing seminars and conferences, including an annual international symposium in which representatives from the local centers and other scholars participate. It is developing university/college level courses in science-religion dialogue and preparing textbooks.
UPSR offers a fellowship to a scholar who has distinguished himself in the field of science and religion in India and scholarships to a maximum of four Indian scholars to attend international/national conferences in the area of science-religion, besides supporting three or four science-religion conferences in different parts of India. Its goal is to transform science-religion interface into a national movement to build a better world, particularly in the multi-religious, multi-cultural, and multi-racial fabric of India.