Science and Religion in Islam
Science and Religion in Islam

The objective of this project is to participate in the creation of a “new stream of thought” around a seed community of talented people, by increasing the quality, quantity and visibility of high-level, cutting-edge reflection on the science and religion interface, in the Islamic perspective. The intention is to develop new research on science and religion in the context of Islamic faith; to implement a coherent strategy for leader-targeted and broad public outreach; and to select and train researchers and potential leaders to address science and religion issues through seminars and public lectures.
The project’s core activity has been the creation of an international research group based in France, consisting of 15 distinguished Muslim scholars (mathematicians, physicists, cosmologists, philosophers and theologians) from across the Arab-Islamic World. These academics received grants from the project to pursue in-depth investigation on the creative interface between science and religion from the viewpoint of Islamic faith and culture. They were also required to participate in various activities including workshops, as well as the writing of extended, high-level research papers and op-eds for newspapers and magazines. Several public outreach events were organized and training sessions targeted young researchers and opinion leaders.
The organizers believe they have promoted innovative research, of the kind the Foundation is committed to sponsoring, in the field of science and religion adapted to an Islamic background, increased interest in a new discourse on issues of science and religion, and produced a body of researchers, philosophers, theologians, young opinion leaders, clerics and journalists trained in addressing these questions. The guiding principles are that religion prompts believers to study the world around them in a spirit of humility and awe, and that science cannot usefully develop if it is not accompanied by a culture that encompasses the values of freedom, tolerance and mutual respect.