Science and Orthodoxy:
Research and Education in Romania
Science and Orthodoxy: Research and Education in Romania

Based on the success of the “Science and Religion in Romania” program (2004-2006) and of “Science and Religion in Romania: A Bridge Project” (2006), the aim of this program is to establish the field of science and religion in the academic and media landscape in Romania and to have a knock-on effect in neighboring Orthodox countries. It is primarily focused on the development of research and education in science and religion at a national level and on a number of publications and media activities.
In particular, this project is contributing to opening the field of science and religion within the Romanian Orthodox Church, many of whose highest authorities are involved. Six local groups based in the main university towns (Bucharest, Cluj, Constantza, Craioxa, Iasi, and Ploiesti) are working towards an intensification of this dialogue, which the Foundation wishes to encourage.
The program also has an international dimension, aiming to make Romania a leader in the development of this field in neighboring countries. More than 130 researchers from science and theology, and post-doctoral students are participating in this project. The program is supported by many eminent Romanians, including the President of the Academy and high-ranking Orthodox churchmen.
A number of books—both original and in translation—as well as a journal, Science and Religion, are being published. Transdisciplinary studies are being advanced, with an international board and media campaigns relating to the field of science and religion. The new Institute for Advanced Studies of Science and Orthodoxy—IASSO—will promote academic research for young people in Romania and neighboring countries.